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Why Should You Donate to PIB


The cost of hosting is very expensive and as we are continuing to grow, our hosting costs are increasing monthly. By donating to us, you can help us ensure that we have the necessary resources to continue providing a reliable and secure website. Your donations will also help us to upgrade to a more powerful web hosting package, which will help us to maintain the site’s performance, stability, availability and scalability.


As you may or may not know, we manually add every single video on the site. This takes a lot of time and effort, and donations will help us to continue providing this service. Your donations will also enable us to purchase better tools to help us automate the process and make it more efficient.

Finally, it will help us to grow and develop the site further.

So now, we call on you for your support. It will help us to pay the monthly bill to operate. You can pay as little as $1. Every penny counts. Please feel free to give what you want.